Meet the Team

tPV, Core Team

Suchitra Shenoy-Packer

Founder & Editor-in-Chief,
theParentVoice, Magazine

Indian by birth, Canadian by marriage, and US-American by choice, Suchitra considers herself a cultural nomad. As a teenager, she lived in Japan for a year as a cultural exchange student. Three years later, she moved to the United States to pursue graduate degrees in Communication Studies and subsequently worked as a professor of Organizational and Multicultural Communication in Chicago. It was in the Windy City that Suchitra met and married her husband in a Hin-Jew wedding ceremony formalized by a secular celebrant. Their multiracial kids are the inspiration for theParentVoice,. 

Suchitra is the author, a co-author, and a co-editor of the following books:

Séverine Perronnet Venkit

Senior Editor

Séverine was born and raised in Lyon, France (that she called, without any bias, “the most beautiful city in the World”). She studied English and Mandarin in University, and she is now a translator for Xinhua, the Chinese news agency.

As a parent, Séverine believes in gentle parenting and is a breastfeeding supporter.

She is an avid explorer of the world, enthusiastic dancer, avid reader, and cheese lover. When she is not running after her kids, you can find her reading a book or tending to her little balcony-garden.

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Jessica Colman Cheng

Director of Social Media

Jewish American with a touch of Asian flare, Jessica is raising her half-Chinese daughter in Chicago, USA. She considers herself a global citizen who has lived abroad in Japan (and speaks the language) and has explored four continents.

Jessica has always enjoyed creative writing. A personal essay, from high school called “A Most Precious Gift” was published in ‘Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul on Tough Stuff’ in 2002.  Ever since then, she has dreamed of writing more about her own experiences.

With a background in Social Relations and Asian Studies from Michigan State University, she worked in Sales for a Japanese manufacturing company for over 8 years.  During that time, she worked on new product development and Marketing promotions. 

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