Le Repas

Le repas (the meal, in French) is a French baby book exploring different types of meals throughout the day, featuring a mixed race family of four.

The book goes through breakfast, lunch, tea, setting the table, dinner, and cleaning the table. Each double page explores one of the above themes. The page on the left introduces a few key elements of the scene. The page on the right shows related pictures. 

For example, setting the table: images of a knife, fork, spoon, glass, and plate, with names and a short explanation. The page on the left shows a little boy setting the table, using all of these. The illustrations are simple and efficient, quite colorful. 

Through these meals, we follow the daily life of a family of four: Mom, Dad, their little boy and their baby girl. The father is dark-skinned and the mother Caucasian with chestnut hair.  The kids’ skin tones are slightly lighter than their father’s.

The book cover features the little girl devouring a slice of melon. I picked this book because I was looking for characters with whom my baby girl, who has a Caucasian mom and an Indian father, could identify.

Flipping through the book, I discovered that the mom was Caucasian with chestnut hair, just like me, and that the father was dark-skinned, just like my husband! I was so delighted, I had to buy the book.

I love that the kids are introduced first at the beginning of the book. It is only after a few pages that we discover that they are indeed a mixed race family. 

I highly recommend this book for mixed-race families. It ticks all my boxes, including racial and gender equality (The father and the boy are shown actively participating in all the tasks required for preparation of a meal).

Author: Marion Billet
Collection: Mes bébé Docs
Edition: Milan
Age: 0-3 years

Buy Le repas here.

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