Touch and Feel Birthday

This is a sturdy and efficient touch-and-feel image book centered around the theme of birthdays.
On four double pages, we see kids opening presents, playing with toys and balloons, wearing party hats, and eating cake. The birthday presents are shimmering, the wheels of the truck are bumpy, the crown is shiny, and the cake has glittering stars on it.
The design is simple, the images are not overcrowded, and the book has so far survived my daughter’s artistic view on how things should be used.
The first child pictured in the book is Caucasian, and then it alternates. On the next double page it is a little Eastern-Asian boy, then a Caucasian girl… you get the picture.
They would have scored a 100% with me if the Asian kid had been the first one we see when opening the book, but they went for the blond cherub instead.
Diversity-wise, they stick to Eastern-Asian and blond Caucasian. The book could have included more diversity.
Overall, this is a good effort to include diversity in a baby book. It’s a wonderful touch-and-feel book for little readers.
Author: DK Publishing
Age: 0-2 years
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