There’s Somebody in My Room: Book Review

somebody in my room review

What could possibly go wrong when you leave a child with a vivid imagination all alone in his bedroom at night? Apparently a lot can happen before sleep finally takes over that active brain :).

In this fun book, a 6-year-old boy is in bed at night, evidently in preparation for bedtime. However, curiosity, an overactive imagination, and perhaps also a little bit of leftover energy from the day takes over his thoughts as he starts to consider the possibilities of all kinds of creatures doing all kinds of crazy antics in his room.

‘There’s Somebody in my Room’ follows the protagonist’s bedtime journey of a wandering mind as he visualizes alligators, elephants, monkeys, dragons, owls, kangaroos, and other fun animals being up to no good in his room, much to his chagrin. When the monkeys 🐒 gather the nerve to possibly steal and eat the boy’s candy, all bets are off…. You have to read the book to know what follows.

I enjoyed reading this book. The content and flow of words demand expressive reading from the get go in order to create a dramatic effect for the child to whom this book is being read. The little boy’s imagination exhausts even the patient parent as one would want to excitedly know where he is leading them to next.

The illustrations are attractive, vivid, and jump out of the page.

Tam Luc’s writing allows the reader to follow the boy on his journey of active imagination as he unfolds a series of events, all in his head. Perhaps the best part about the book is the last page where readers get to see the boy finally fast asleep and his parents peeping into his room to check on him. Only THEN, do we notice the different races of the parents and realize that this little boy, is, in fact, bi/multiracial. Books where mixed race kids just matter-of-factly happen to be primary characters are some of my favorite kinds of books and this book, with its element of surprise, accomplishes just that.

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