theParentVoice, Magazine Announces its 1st Annual Holiday Non-Fiction Essay Writing Challenge

We’re excited to announce theParentVoice,’s very first skills-based non-fiction essay writing challenge. Send us your best personal essay on any one of the following two topics:

(Option 1 – Celebration)

How My Intercultural/Interracial/Multicultural Family Celebrates the Holidays (and Why)


(Option 2 – Memory)

My Most Memorable Holiday with my Intercultural/Interracial/Multicultural Family (and Why)

Write to us about either of the two topics with a focus on how you blend cultures and holidays to create your own kind of special celebration and/or make it memorable. Engage us, make us laugh, make us cry, make us nod in agreement or shocked with amazement! Do you think you can do all this in 1000-1500 words?

Three winners will be selected based on a number of criteria. 


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For a complete list of rules, terms, and conditions, head on over to our Registration form (see below)

theParentVoice Non-Fiction Essay Challenge

Don’t wait any more. Time is ticking….The Deadline is November 16, 11:59 p.m. Pacific Standard Time. 


Steps to Follow:

1. Fill out the registration form available here.

2. After you do that, click here to pay your $5 entry fees.

3. Email your completed essay to: with the subject line: Essay Challenge Entry

That’s it! Then, let us do our thing while you wait for an email or phone call from us. If you do, don’t forget to respond to us within 48 hours or we will have to pick a different winner.


Non-Fiction essay Writing Challenge












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