A Celebratory December at theParentVoice,

Just off the sluggishness of Thanksgiving and right about when the last of the turkey and mashed potatoes have been scraped clean, begins the excitement around Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa. Whether you celebrate one or more or none of the aforementioned occasions, if you live anywhere these festivals are celebrated, you cannot escape the mirth and energy at this time of the year. It’s kind of the same feeling over at theParentVoice,.

We continue to grow. We continue to welcome many new contributors to the tPV, extended family, some of whom have never written for a magazine before but have throughly enjoyed the experience of doing so for us, just as we have enjoyed having them. As always, we encourage you to share your stories with us. You may write to me directly at suchitra @theparentvoice.com or to any of our editors. For a complete list of our current contributors, click on over to our Team page.

Starting this month, we welcome Annabelle Humanes as a Contributing Writer. Annabelle is a linguist, a writer, and mother of two multilingual children. She has not only worked in academia for a decade teaching and researching language acquisition in young children, she passionately pursues multilingualism as a way of life in her own family. She blogs at The Piri Piri Lexicon.

Our December issue presents a jolly mix of the many cultural holiday traditions different parts of the world celebrate this month. We have articles representing France, the Netherlands, the United States, and Germany, to name a few. We also have some beautiful stories of interfaith families who have blended their cultures to celebrate their different holiday traditions. In addition, we have our talented columnists and contributing writers churning out their incredibly relevant pieces, be they factual, research-based, or anecdotal, or experiential. We also many guest authors scribing the stories of their lives in the various spaces of the website. Do check them out throughout the month.

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If you are a regular reader, you probably picked up on our announcement in my last editorial about how we have switched our publishing schedule. Instead of publishing all our articles on the first of the month, we now publish throughout the month. So, don’t be surprised if you don’t see your favorite regular feature on the day you visit us, do check back at a later date.

Finally, the first week of December is celebrated as Crohn’s & Colitis Awareness Week. At theParentVoice, we always support causes dear to the hearts of our team members and this is one of them. Our own Jessica Colman Cheng has taken the extremely brave step to write about her experiences as a mother living with Ulcerative Colitis. Don’t miss her piece here.

In other news, our 1st Annual Essay Challenge concluded last month but due to a lack of an effective number of entries, we decided to learn from our newness to the online essay challenge space, go back to the drawing board, and reevaluate such challenges for another time – perhaps when we are are a little more seasoned.

From all of us at theParentVoice, Magazine:

Wish you and your family a very, merry holiday and end of the year. 

Yours truly,

Suchitra E-i-C

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