About Us

the Parent Voice, (tPV,) is an online parenting magazine that celebrates multiracial/multiethnic families and multicultural lives by showcasing our many different and unique experiences, providing resources, nurturing virtual support, and building a community of like-minded individuals who want to raise responsible and respectful children in a world that may not always be that same way for them.

the Parent Voice, Name

Inclusivity is one of the core tenets of ‘the Parent Voice,’ and even though we may write the name of the magazine as ‘The Parent Voice’ interchangeably, in reality, whenever possible, our magazine is written as: ‘the Parent Voice,’. 


Using a lower case ‘t’ for ‘the’ expresses our belief that there is no one truth, as in Truth with an uppercase “T”, when it comes to parenting. This may be even more the case in multiracial/multiethnic and multicultural contexts. In fact, we will always strive to represent a multiplicity of truths, all respectfully understood, whether agreed upon or not.

Using ‘Parent’ instead of Parents even though we represent the voices of many parents further builds on our value of inclusivity. Whether you are a single parent, a couple, one of three parents to a child due to mitochondrial replacement, a parent through adoption, a grandparent who is also the primary caregiver, or an extended family member who parents a child out of love and not necessarily DNA, we are your magazine. Just as we define parent, we define families as those individuals connected by love and not only by blood lines.

Using ‘Voice,’ with a ‘,’ comma, is the cornerstone for what our magazine stands. Just as we believe there is no one parenting truth or an unequivocal definition for parent, so also we strongly believe our conversations, dialogues, and debates about being parents of multiracial/multiethnic and multicultural children is an ongoing one and hence the comma. As such, we leave these discussions open-ended and invite (re)interpretations of the different voices we will present in our magazine.

the Parent Voice, Logo

Designed after multiple iterations and very careful thinking, several hand-picked logos were put to vote to a select group of individuals. The two most popular designs were for the one that had the words ‘the Parent Voice,’ written out, and the one that had our initials ‘TPV’ within a circle. Combining these two popular designs led to our current logo. Almost all voters liked the shaded ‘voice,’ in the background. We liked the reasoning provided by one of the voters, “I like the fact that the word ‘voice’ is faded in the background because the voice could either be the spoken words OR the mental thoughts that could ultimately become a ‘Voice’ in parenthood.”


To make ‘the Parent Voice,’ the #1 website for members of multiracial, multiethnic, and multicultural families, either biological or adoptive, by providing an inclusive and welcoming space for building community and for the sharing of ideas, resources, parenting tips, and personal experiences.


To build a community of supportive and like-minded individuals who respect multivocality and are always open to new insights. To do this, we provide an inclusive and safe space for the sharing of ideas, resources, personal experiences, and tips and hints for living fulfilling and meaningful lives with our colorful families. Parents, caregivers, educators, and everyone else who believe in the multicultural ethos of embodying diversity as a natural course of everyday life are welcome to contribute their ideas to the magazine.

Core Values

We are about multiracial, multiethnic, and multicultural families, ours and yours. We define families as those people connected by love and not necessarily and exclusively by blood lines.

We believe in inclusivity and even though we are categorical in stating that our website is for and by multiracial/multiethnic and multicultural families, our inclusivity includes everybody who believe in the reality of today’s sociopolitical landscape – our multicolored societies, and want to raise kids in such societies.

We are always open to new learnings and lessons. As such, we are always accountable to our readers. Therefore, any reader is always welcome to alert us to any subconscious bias that may have crept into our writing or content anywhere on the website. Every reader has the right to call our attention to things we may have overlooked, dismissed, or remained ignorant about. We are all in this together. We are a community. We will never claim to be know-it-alls.

We are NOT colorblind. There is a lot of debate in academia and popular culture about the merits of colorblindness in a racial context. Where tPV, stands in this argument is that it believes in purposefully appreciating the many colors of us. It believes in not painting people of all races and all color with one broad brush stroke and assume acceptance will simply follow. It does not. We strongly believe that acknowledging and celebrating people for who they are is respecting their identities, respecting their histories, respecting displaced geographies, respecting the fact that the meaning of ‘home’ can be contested even as one loves it dearly no matter what defines that sense of belonging, respecting that differences matter, in every way, and that by turning colorblind, we are not only dismissing but also erasing the core of what makes us who we are.

Quite simply, we are about ‘multiracial/multiethnic families and multicultural lives.’