Nice is not Enough

I live in a town that most people would describe as nice. The neighborhoods, schools, houses, and people all give off a purposeful and distinct impression of being nice. It is the reason we moved our family to this town. Who wouldn’t want to raise their children in such an environment? But as much as…

Why being an expat changes how we raise kids

Bringing up children isn’t something you are taught. You don’t need a diploma to become a parent; after all, many consider raising children as something natural. Which is quite funny, really, considering how one might think of childbirth as something natural and yet parents-to-be take birth preparation classes! It is likely that our own experiences…

On Belonging and Becoming…A Special Essay

When you are the only one or even just part of the minority, you have to develop self-confidence and a strong voice in order to survive and thrive amid the stereotypes and negative connotations with which you are confronted.

Book Review: Pachinko

This book tackles lots of issues specific to the situation of Zainichi, but I had the feeling that many people born from foreign parents in a third country could understand and identify as well.

Redefining French Identity

How could a little joke, meant to “congratulate” France for its inclusivity, turn into such a bitter debate about identity?

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