My Ethnic Diversity (Re)Defines My Transracial Parenthood

I am a wife, mother, lesbian, and a Person of Color.  I have always known that I wanted to find love, and be a mother.  I knew I was a lesbian at a young age, and came out at 19.  But I did not understand that my Lebanese-Iranian heritage made me a Person of Color (POC) until recent years.

Funerals and Faith: Cultural Rituals of Grief

I am not a religious person, yet I have come to appreciate the role of religious institutions in creating structure to express grief and to provide essential social support systems. Read more as columnist, Cheryl Crippen discusses two cross-cultural (Italian Catholic and Indian Jain) rituals of grief.

Why doesn’t it feel like enough? A New Blueprint for Motherhood

I was supposed to be happy wholeheartedly investing in early childhood but there I sat, across from my therapist, laden with guilt. Making a new blueprint is letting go of an idealistic version of my life, whether it’s my ideals or someone else’s, and giving up the useless practice of “should-ing” myself.

Baby Bellies on Bikes: I’m Missing the Caribbean

Kari is a 30-year-old mama, who grew up in the Caribbean, but now lives in the Netherlands with her wife and daughter. In an exclusive series with theParentVoice, Kari chronicles her experiences and journey of parenting between cultures. This is Part II of the Baby Bellies on Bikes Series.

How to Really Communicate in an Intercultural Marriage

Intercultural couples are outliers in a world where most marry within their racial and ethnic groups. As border-crossing trailblazers, they encompass an element of rebelliousness in their willingness to deviate from social pressures. Here are tips on how to really communicate successfully in such relationships.

Baby Bellies on Bikes: I’m Pregnant in the Netherlands

In our first series on Pregnancy and Motherhood, we present Dutch mom, Kari van der Heidi, who shares her journey exclusively with the readers of theParentVoice, Magazine. Get to know Kari and her family as they prepare to welcome Baby # 2. 

An Islandgirl Raising Kids in Dutchieland

I hope my experience of growing up somewhere else, having to start a new life in Dutchieland and being gay will turn her into a teenager and grownup with an open mind. Read more about how an Island girl raising her daughter in the Netherlands reflects on her experiences contrasted with those of her daughter’s.

Holiday Traditions for Expats and Global Families

Holiday traditions for expats are far from traditional. Here are a few strategies and books to help you create unique traditions for your global family. Don’t miss top picture books for teaching resiliency.

Multicultural Children’s Books About Sunday Dinner

I am perfectly serious when I say a lot of challenges in multiracial and multicultural families are solved with food.  Food is the ultimate comfort in difficult or stressful times. That immediate connection to those familiar smells makes you feel right at home and less likely to feel isolated.  For today’s column, I want to…

What kind of a Multicultural are you?

Some people grow up in a monocultural household then become multicultural later in life. That is, they acquire multiple cultures sequentially – for instance, many migrants. The term for these people is achieved multiculturals. Yet many people nowadays grow up in a culturally mixed household. That is, they acquire multiple cultures simultaneously – for instance,…