Holiday Traditions for Expats and Global Families

Holiday traditions for expats are far from traditional. Here are a few strategies and books to help you create unique traditions for your global family. Don’t miss top picture books for teaching resiliency.

Multicultural Children’s Books About Sunday Dinner

I am perfectly serious when I say a lot of challenges in multiracial and multicultural families are solved with food.  Food is the ultimate comfort in difficult or stressful times. That immediate connection to those familiar smells makes you feel right at home and less likely to feel isolated.  For today’s column, I want to…

Podcasts and Books to Further Multiracial Education

Part of my teaching background is working for an International Baccalaureate program. I loved how the IB educational perspective connected children from all over the world. When you talk about the leading philosophies of multicultural and multiracial education, the IB program is near the top of the list.  In the IB PYP program, we broke down…

Top Strategies for Reading Aloud

As you read from my previous column, my goal is to teach literacy through quality and diverse literature for you and your family to enjoy together. I want you to have the best reading strategies out there for teaching the children in your life how to read and how to view the world. Through the…

How to Teach Children to Read the World

As a first time parent, you are mostly worried about your baby sleeping and eating. When the Egypt Revolution began just 3 weeks after my daughter was born in Cairo, I was trying to get her to sleep to the sound of gunshots. As I was reading aloud, there were military tanks roaring down my street….