Funerals and Faith: Cultural Rituals of Grief

I am not a religious person, yet I have come to appreciate the role of religious institutions in creating structure to express grief and to provide essential social support systems. Read more as columnist, Cheryl Crippen discusses two cross-cultural (Italian Catholic and Indian Jain) rituals of grief.

The Black Panther Review You Must Read

I’m not naïve enough to think that a movie can end poverty, injustice, and discrimination. But I am hopeful that the inspiration that this film has induced will continue to drive meaningful thought and action to do what we can in our own ways to uplift those who suffer under the effects of those mentioned struggles.

Blending Multicultural and Multilingual European Holiday Traditions: A Guide

Read about how one European multicultural and multilingual family simultaneously celebrates their many favorite Christmas traditions. Wish you all a besinnliche Weihnachtszeit, un buon Natale, un joyeux Noël, en gueti Wienachtsziit, Merry Christmas, Feliz Navidad, Boas Festas and een vrolijk Kerstfeest!