A Blended Adventure: A Jewish-Muslim Love Story

Our March ‘How We Met’ couple is no ordinary interfaith, mixed race couple. Having first met online, at their first face-to-face meeting, upon learning about their different religions, they even wondered how a Jew and a Muslim relationship would ever work successfully. Get to know Rorri Geller- Mohamed and Arif Mohamed.

The Odd Couple: A Taiwanese-American and Spanish Love Story

Get to know our February Intercultural How We Met couple, Sara and Javier. Sara is Taiwanese-American and Javier is Spanish. “We are very different in our personalities, our lifestyles, our preferences, but somehow it all just works to build a life together.”

Into the Wild with Amber and Victor

It was their love for the wild and adventure that brought our November’s How We Met couple together. While both were born in the United States, Amber and Victor are of European and Mexican, and Chinese ancestry respectively. Amber who holds a PhD in Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology and worked as a scientist performing academic research…

Croissants au Masala​: A French-Indian Love Story

A love story that spans cultures, continents and croissants, ahem…maybe even masala croissants! In our first couples’ showcase on “How We Met”, we are proud to introduce our Editor of Cultural Perspectives, Séverine Perronnet, and her husband, Rahul Venkit.

Up in the Air: A Jewish-Chinese Love Story

We are proud to introduce our Director of Social Media, Jessica Colman Cheng, in style and in her own words. As one of our first two couples to be featured in our “How We Met” section, Jessica and Eric’s love story in embedded in a strong sense of belonging to a home and a culture….