Why being an expat changes how we raise kids

Bringing up children isn’t something you are taught. You don’t need a diploma to become a parent; after all, many consider raising children as something natural. Which is quite funny, really, considering how one might think of childbirth as something natural and yet parents-to-be take birth preparation classes! It is likely that our own experiences…

Why doesn’t it feel like enough? A New Blueprint for Motherhood

I was supposed to be happy wholeheartedly investing in early childhood but there I sat, across from my therapist, laden with guilt. Making a new blueprint is letting go of an idealistic version of my life, whether it’s my ideals or someone else’s, and giving up the useless practice of “should-ing” myself.

Baby Bellies on Bikes: I’m Missing the Caribbean

Kari is a 30-year-old mama, who grew up in the Caribbean, but now lives in the Netherlands with her wife and daughter. In an exclusive series with theParentVoice, Kari chronicles her experiences and journey of parenting between cultures. This is Part II of the Baby Bellies on Bikes Series.

An Islandgirl Raising Kids in Dutchieland

I hope my experience of growing up somewhere else, having to start a new life in Dutchieland and being gay will turn her into a teenager and grownup with an open mind. Read more about how an Island girl raising her daughter in the Netherlands reflects on her experiences contrasted with those of her daughter’s.

4 Reasons you should NOT drop your Home (Minority) Language

It is early evening. My phone rings. A good friend calls for a chat. She has just come back from her pediatrician’s office after a routine visit. He advised her to use a little more English in their daily life at home. She kindly nodded while he was talking, unsure what to say. She feels…