Nice is not Enough

I live in a town that most people would describe as nice. The neighborhoods, schools, houses, and people all give off a purposeful and distinct impression of being nice. It is the reason we moved our family to this town. Who wouldn’t want to raise their children in such an environment? But as much as…

On Belonging and Becoming…A Special Essay

When you are the only one or even just part of the minority, you have to develop self-confidence and a strong voice in order to survive and thrive amid the stereotypes and negative connotations with which you are confronted.

My Ethnic Diversity (Re)Defines My Transracial Parenthood

I am a wife, mother, lesbian, and a Person of Color.  I have always known that I wanted to find love, and be a mother.  I knew I was a lesbian at a young age, and came out at 19.  But I did not understand that my Lebanese-Iranian heritage made me a Person of Color (POC) until recent years.

A Wrinkle in Time – Why this Movie Matters So Much

Frederick Douglass once said, “It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.”  I have thought about this statement a lot lately as we witness children leading a movement to create a better and safer world for themselves and for all of us.  But how do we build strong children?

When an American Mom Joins an Italian School Lunch Committee

Italian sea bass Extra virgin olive oil Fresh, organic egg Breadcrumbs Parsley Sea salt These are the six ingredients in the fish meatballs served in my daughters’ public school lunch program in Rome, Italy. My taste buds were delighted by the rich, home-cooked flavor of a colorful vegetable minestrone, chunks of tender lamb simmered in…

The Boy Who Asked Why: Book Review

‘The Boy Who Asked Why’ is the extraordinary story of  an exceptionally, extraordinary man: Bhimrao Ambedkar or Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar.

Funerals and Faith: Cultural Rituals of Grief

I am not a religious person, yet I have come to appreciate the role of religious institutions in creating structure to express grief and to provide essential social support systems. Read more as columnist, Cheryl Crippen discusses two cross-cultural (Italian Catholic and Indian Jain) rituals of grief.

The Black Panther Review You Must Read

I’m not naïve enough to think that a movie can end poverty, injustice, and discrimination. But I am hopeful that the inspiration that this film has induced will continue to drive meaningful thought and action to do what we can in our own ways to uplift those who suffer under the effects of those mentioned struggles.

Why doesn’t it feel like enough? A New Blueprint for Motherhood

I was supposed to be happy wholeheartedly investing in early childhood but there I sat, across from my therapist, laden with guilt. Making a new blueprint is letting go of an idealistic version of my life, whether it’s my ideals or someone else’s, and giving up the useless practice of “should-ing” myself.

La Bella Figura: Why Italian Moms Once Made This American Mom Feel Insecure

The bags of most Italian moms are bottomless. I marvel at the superhuman abilities of Italian moms to both look great and have anticipated the appetites, body temperatures, weather changes, and hygiene needs of all their kids—and their friends, on top of that. Do Italian moms do it better than this American mom?