Baby Bellies on Bikes: Gender Reveal and Gender Neutral Parenting in the Netherlands!

In Part III of our Baby Bellies on Bikes series, Dutch mom, Kari van der Heide reveals the sex of her baby and argues for why gender neutral parenting, the current popular trend in The Netherlands, while relevant, may not be right for her family where kids will be growing up with two moms and diverse skills sets.

Baby Bellies on Bikes: I’m Missing the Caribbean

Kari is a 30-year-old mama, who grew up in the Caribbean, but now lives in the Netherlands with her wife and daughter. In an exclusive series with theParentVoice, Kari chronicles her experiences and journey of parenting between cultures. This is Part II of the Baby Bellies on Bikes Series.

Baby Bellies on Bikes: I’m Pregnant in the Netherlands

In our first series on Pregnancy and Motherhood, we present Dutch mom, Kari van der Heidi, who shares her journey exclusively with the readers of theParentVoice, Magazine. Get to know Kari and her family as they prepare to welcome Baby # 2. 

An Islandgirl Raising Kids in Dutchieland

I hope my experience of growing up somewhere else, having to start a new life in Dutchieland and being gay will turn her into a teenager and grownup with an open mind. Read more about how an Island girl raising her daughter in the Netherlands reflects on her experiences contrasted with those of her daughter’s.

Why is it different for the boys?

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