Nice is not Enough

I live in a town that most people would describe as nice. The neighborhoods, schools, houses, and people all give off a purposeful and distinct impression of being nice. It is the reason we moved our family to this town. Who wouldn’t want to raise their children in such an environment? But as much as…

Why being an expat changes how we raise kids

Bringing up children isn’t something you are taught. You don’t need a diploma to become a parent; after all, many consider raising children as something natural. Which is quite funny, really, considering how one might think of childbirth as something natural and yet parents-to-be take birth preparation classes! It is likely that our own experiences…

Redefining French Identity

How could a little joke, meant to “congratulate” France for its inclusivity, turn into such a bitter debate about identity?

“I’m Tunisian, Canadian, French, and a World Citizen”

Some people thought that we leave our country of origin to seek a better life which isn’t always the case! The circumstances that led my parents to move countries guided my choices as an adult. Read more from multicultural guest author, Anissa Cheikh.

An English Mom, An Anglo-Irish Family, and Adventures in the French Countryside

Although we have largely been accepted by our neighbours, I would love to feel less uncomfortably conspicuous as an outsider (one neighbour even confusingly mistook my Irish husband and I for siblings – a gaffe made more embarrassing by the fact that I was pregnant). Read more from guest author Emma O’Dwyer.

My Ethnic Diversity (Re)Defines My Transracial Parenthood

I am a wife, mother, lesbian, and a Person of Color.  I have always known that I wanted to find love, and be a mother.  I knew I was a lesbian at a young age, and came out at 19.  But I did not understand that my Lebanese-Iranian heritage made me a Person of Color (POC) until recent years.

When an American Mom Joins an Italian School Lunch Committee

Italian sea bass Extra virgin olive oil Fresh, organic egg Breadcrumbs Parsley Sea salt These are the six ingredients in the fish meatballs served in my daughters’ public school lunch program in Rome, Italy. My taste buds were delighted by the rich, home-cooked flavor of a colorful vegetable minestrone, chunks of tender lamb simmered in…

How I Raised my African-American-Japanese Biracial Son Bilingual

I am an African-American monolingual English speaker. My first husband, who is Japanese American, knew only a little Japanese. I was determined to make sure my biracial son was bilingual. As a mother, with little understanding of the Japanese language or culture, there were a few things I needed to consider.

La Bella Figura: Why Italian Moms Once Made This American Mom Feel Insecure

The bags of most Italian moms are bottomless. I marvel at the superhuman abilities of Italian moms to both look great and have anticipated the appetites, body temperatures, weather changes, and hygiene needs of all their kids—and their friends, on top of that. Do Italian moms do it better than this American mom?