Redefining French Identity

How could a little joke, meant to “congratulate” France for its inclusivity, turn into such a bitter debate about identity?

An English Mom, An Anglo-Irish Family, and Adventures in the French Countryside

Although we have largely been accepted by our neighbours, I would love to feel less uncomfortably conspicuous as an outsider (one neighbour even confusingly mistook my Irish husband and I for siblings – a gaffe made more embarrassing by the fact that I was pregnant). Read more from guest author Emma O’Dwyer.

When an American Mom Joins an Italian School Lunch Committee

Italian sea bass Extra virgin olive oil Fresh, organic egg Breadcrumbs Parsley Sea salt These are the six ingredients in the fish meatballs served in my daughters’ public school lunch program in Rome, Italy. My taste buds were delighted by the rich, home-cooked flavor of a colorful vegetable minestrone, chunks of tender lamb simmered in…

How I Raised my African-American-Japanese Biracial Son Bilingual

I am an African-American monolingual English speaker. My first husband, who is Japanese American, knew only a little Japanese. I was determined to make sure my biracial son was bilingual. As a mother, with little understanding of the Japanese language or culture, there were a few things I needed to consider.

An Islandgirl Raising Kids in Dutchieland

I hope my experience of growing up somewhere else, having to start a new life in Dutchieland and being gay will turn her into a teenager and grownup with an open mind. Read more about how an Island girl raising her daughter in the Netherlands reflects on her experiences contrasted with those of her daughter’s.

Blending Multicultural and Multilingual European Holiday Traditions: A Guide

Read about how one European multicultural and multilingual family simultaneously celebrates their many favorite Christmas traditions. Wish you all a besinnliche Weihnachtszeit, un buon Natale, un joyeux Noël, en gueti Wienachtsziit, Merry Christmas, Feliz Navidad, Boas Festas and een vrolijk Kerstfeest!

Why is it different for the boys?

I’m pretty sure every powerful man in showbiz, politics or sports that has ever done anything shady in his sexual life is waiting, with his balls in a twist, for his turn.

Adopting Internationally as an Expat Intercultural Couple

Neil and Ulla are a British Polish family residing in Belgium. They have started the process of intercountry adoption and the narrative below is a peek into what it takes to adopt internationally against the uncertainty of Brexit. Our experiences as a British-Polish expat family are perhaps somewhat different from many (though not all) ex-pats…