The editors are always looking for lifestyle stories with your own unique flair to share with our readers. Tell us how you do multiracial/multiethnic/multicultural your own way. Some examples of lifestyle stories we would like to publish are:

  • How My White Family Celebrates Kwanzaa
  • Why We, A Muslim and a Christian Couple, Are Raising Our Kid Atheist
  • What I, a Black Mom, Learned From Caring For My Adopted Indian Girls’ Hair
  • We are Indians Living in Russia and This Is How We Celebrate Diwali in the Winter
  • Postpartum Depression Across Cultures 
  • A Newborn’s First Foods Across Cultures
  • We Were an Interracial Couple but our Cultural Differences Broke Our Marriage

    You may pitch us a story idea at or write directly to our Editor of Lifestyle at:

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