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Thank you for visiting our ‘Support Us’ page. You can learn more about the Parent Voice, and the people behind it by visiting our About Us and Meet the Team pages.

We are parents, working really hard to provide other parents with the support and resources we all need from time to time to navigate the sometimes challenging waters of multiracial and multicultural living. None of us are paid to do what we do. We do it because every single one of us believes in the mission of the Parent Voice, and we sincerely want to build a community of parents looking out for one another.

The amount you donate will go directly toward (a) the maintenance cost of this online magazine, (b) hosting essay competitions for young adults and adults on topics related to multiracial/multicultural living and subsequent awards, (c) promoting the website to potential stakeholders so we can represent even more voices, (d) sponsoring multicultural events throughout our communities to spread the message of diversity and inclusivity, (e) purchasing items (books, other media) for review, giveaways, and/or sale on the website.

In the future, we would like to pay our contributors and the people who work so passionately to bring you new features, articles, and posts.

If you believe in our mission, support our message, and believe in a community of parents helping each other out, please donate.

You may choose any of the preset amounts or choose a custom amount.

Thank you for your time and generosity. We really appreciate it!

 the Parent Voice, Team

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