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theparentvoice anniversary

One year ago today, we ambitiously launched theParentVoice, with every intention of making it the go-to resource for multiethnic, multiracial, multilingual, and multicultural families. 

We wanted it to be the voice for parents and families to narrate and share our experiences, perhaps even provide insights to other families like ours as well as learn from each others’ lived realities. We had a tremendous response to the launch of theParentVoice, on August 1, 2017, to the extent that we had to contact our website hosting service company twice to make sure our website did not crash due to the heavy traffic we encountered. This momentum continued for many months.

Throughout the year, we have truly appreciated your support, your feedback, your comments, your thoughtful insights, and generous spreading of our messages. We are extremely grateful to our contributors, to those who participated in our interviews, shared life stories, and in one way or the other, became forever, a part of theParentVoice,. Lately, though, regular and loyal readers may have noticed that we have been relatively slow-paced compared to the regular publication of new stories during our early months. This slower pace has largely to do with, well, life!

As tPV, grew, so did we, our lives, our families, and our new adventures. We (and our families) took on new responsibilities domestically and internationally, we moved homes and locations, we switched jobs, we enjoyed vacations, we allowed for life to happen while engendering its many performances ourselves. As a result, something had to give and unfortunately, that something meant the slowing down of the charged pace you had come to expect of the Magazine.

Running a personally-funded website with extremely limited resources also means that we are largely dependent on the generosity of the time and creative content provided to us by our writers. While we did pay our high-performing contributors, that model was not sustainable without additional financial infusions from external sources and has been temporarily suspended. We do not actively solicit advertising on our website and all three of us who work on theParentVoice, do it voluntarily, as a labor of love because we believe in our mission and what it represents for our societies of today. As a result, our time is always stretched, just as is the case with our contributors. Therefore, when our contributors’ priorities shift, so do the number of articles we are able to publish.

While we do have an extremely large number of free-lance writers reaching out to us on a daily basis asking to write for us, those are not the kinds of articles we publish or want to solicit. We may be slow in our pace of publishing new articles, but we want to hear from our readers and want to publish stories emerging from personal experiences. This is our promise to you – we will never compromise on the quality of our content.

As we embark on year two with a committed team of three and our many contributors, we hope you, our reader, will continue to support us and keep returning to our website, We promise to keep publishing articles of interest to our multicultural families. The pace may be slow but our passion has not diminished and with your support, we will continue to grow and have another great year.

Yours truly,

Suchitra Shenoy Packer

Séverine Perronnet
Senior Editor

Jessica Colman Cheng
Director of Social Media

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